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I stayed home from work to get an extremely important package.It contained documents I needed for an overseas work conference.

I was home all day, waiting right by the door. I live on the second floor, and my address label states just that. I checked the status online, and it said "delivery attempt made". When I looked, I found that was seven minutes earlier.

I went downstairs to the front door that leads to the foyer, and there was a "we missed you" notice stuck to the door! This driver never knocked, and never even went up the stairs. This isn't the first time this particular driver has done this. I realize that it is Friday, and everyone is in a rush to get the work day finished, but your driver made a bad choice, and because of that choice, and not receiving the documents I needed, I had to miss my flight!

My apartment building has cctv, and I WATCHED this driver go up to the front door, and immediately write out a slip.

He did not knock, and was there for less than 10 seconds.I want the number to human resources because I am going to file a complaint against this driver.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of package and associated monetary loss in the amount of $500. Ups needs to "i would like the driver reprimanded" according to poster's claims.

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Does your apartment a secure location (requires a key or card) to get through the main door to access the apartment doors? If so, maybe that's what held him up. If not, then yes, he is plain lazy and you should file a complaint.

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