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I work nights. When the doorbell rang I woke up, checked the time, 3:55, burst out of bed, threw on my robe and flew down the stairs.

By the time I opened the door the truck was taking off. I barely got to see that it was ups deliverying (I ordered from Costco) to me. I ordered my tv. It said it'd be here yesterday an now the driver waits 15 seconds for a response?

There's a problem here. I got back to my bed by 3:57. I'm in Ottawa Ontario.

It's kind of cold out, but I don't even think two minutes is all that much to ask. Is it?

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Dallas, Texas, United States #578543

Drivers don't have have 2 min per stop to wait.

With 200 individual addresses, that would be over 3 1/2 hours of their day, just not time for that !

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