Highlands Ranch, Colorado

The UPS driver left my package in the snow in the middle of my driveway. We live in the country so we have a very large/long driveway.

It looked like the driver open his door and dropped the package right there 20+ feet from my door and the on tracking put it was delivered to door. At least he/she had enough sense to put it in plastic first since it was left in the snow. They ever made an attempt to go to the door and my husband was even home.

I then get a simple apology from UPS. Hoping I would continue to be a loyal customer.

Seriously?! This is the second problem I've had with them in less than a month. The other package never showed up and that time they referred me back to Amazon.

They are not very concerned at all about their customers. Hopefully the lazy driver is repremended!

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Sniffles.....not sure where you are coming from with your comments. I am a Service Provider.

Where a person decides to live does not play into how their package is delivered. It makes no difference. The consignee, not the customer BTW, said that they had a long driveway and the driver left the package 20 feet from the front door, in a delivery bag. So, it appears that there Service Provider did what they were trained to do by bagging it if the weather dictated, but failed to leave the package at the front door where they should have.

We all go through at least annual driver release certification as Service Providers and this obviously did not meet proper driver release criteria.

I guess I am old school as I would never make a driver release delivery like the consignee described.


So you choose to live in the boonies and have a mile long driveway and ups should try to decide where is appropriate to deliver. You realize the flip side of this coin is the vustomer thats pissed a ups driver drove up their mile long driveway and disturbed their dog or ruined their gravel or some such.

No win.

At least the driver took the time and effort to bag your item, its not required.