The house has 3 separate rental units. Today, we discovered 5 packages sitting smack in the middle of the long driveway - all for the 3 separate units. The lazy driver couldn't be bothered to take them to the separate addresses. If it had been night time, we would have run right over them!

Also, last week the UPS driver went from my neighbors driveway to mine - THROUGH THE GRASS!!!! Of course left ruts for us to have to fix!

Lastly, I had to drop off a pre-paid package at UPS. While there the UPS guy told a customer if she wanted the package guaranteed arrival by Christmas (a week away at that time), the cost to ship it was going to be $132. Frankly I would have returned the items I was going to ship and order them online to be shipped for free to the recipients address. $132 to ship a $15 lb or so box? I don't think so! Frankly UPS has the worst service and seems to be overly expensive!

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If you were driving at night and been smart enough to have your car lights on you would have seen the packages.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #761767

A picture is worth a thousand words......that would have been priceless.....and embarassing

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #761737

I just went to my local post office and spent way less to ship a package and it even inclued insurance.Also she told me it would be there be4 xmas. It only took 2 days to get there awsome service.Why pay more when your local post office is cheaper and more efficent.

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