I hadn't received a package that I was supposed to have delivered on Friday, so I call the UPS customer service hotline.

They told me that the driver had missed it, and I would have to wait until Monday, unless the shipper called and put a hold on it for me to pick it up. Then I would recieve a phone call within the hour to let me know when to come and get it.

I never received a phone call, so I called Sunday for the **** of it, and they told me that they were sorry I didn't recieve a phone call, and that I could pick it up at 3pm-6pm on Monday.


I have more packages coming on Monday, and now I have to drive 2 freaking hours to their hub one way I might add, just to pick it up, or I can wait until Tuesday to have it redelivered.

If they got my package at the hub where the others are, then I would guess that they would hold themselves to a bit of a higher standard, and send them all on Monday.


This doesn't make sense that a customer is paying the price for a driver's incompetence. Am I going to reimbursed? NO! Am I going to lose cash? YES! and who rides off knowing he don't have to pay for his **** up? The *** driver that started all this.

I hope he comes Monday while I am not here, unless he needs to hear part of the anger that he caused.

Well, I can't believe that after only 2 months of using them, I will have no choice but to change back to Fed Ex where the policies are a bit different on circumstances like this.

Way to go UPS, is that why they call you "UPS" (oooops)?

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**** = bitchingg


are you going to get reimbursed? YES!

are you going to lose money?


are you going to stop ***? PROBABLY NOT!


You get reimbursed for late packages, happens all the time.

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