Tampa, Florida
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UPS tracking advised the package would be delivered today. I had the dog outside and watched the UPS truck go by my building and deliver several packages at another address. Drives back past my building and leaves. I check tracking again and it says "delivered" LOL. I call the monkeys at UPS and they couldn't be less interested. They advise me they need to transfer my call to the "claims dept" so they can do "an investigation". I tell them no need to investigate, I've solved the mystery that semi-comatose driver dropped the package off at the wrong address (I find out packages are delivered with or without requiring signature of receipt). Great. A driver who can't read addresses is going to use discretion whether to get a signature or not.

I get transferred to "claims dept. I'm on endless hold. Pissed, I call the company I made purchase from. They take info, call me back, will expedite a replacement product.

These knuckleheads at UPS are union, which translates into indifference to the customer.

Several years ago I shipped a hand-made wooden bird-cage to myself from one part of the country to another. It was packed well. I paid the insurance. When it arrived, it looked like someone had dropped it from a 20 story bldg. I'm pissed. Clearly this was negligent based on how bad it was crushed. After my complaint they insisted on examining the contents so off it went. Dead silence for weeks. I have to pound away to get an answer. And what was the answer, you ask? Yep, claim denied. They insisted it was packed improperly. Oh and they extended the third finger on the insurance too.

I'm ready to throttle someone. I demand my damaged cage back, and they say it's THEIR property now, and I cannot have it back.

I didn't know this recent package was coming via UPS or I would have changed it. What a miserable thieving lazy bunch of hacks UPS has.

Needless to say UYPS sucks. I hope their stock gets delisted after becoming a penny stock

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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