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I order items online that are difficult for me to bring home to my third floor walk-up apartment. I have weather-induced asthma and arthritis. I am able to get myself up the stairs by pacing myself and staying indoors in sub-zero weather. It is worth it to live here.

This apartment complex takes packages at the front desk for residents who are not home which is a great service. However... it is for the convenience of the residents. Not lazy UPS drivers.

I stayed home all day yesterday awaiting delivery of a vacuum cleaner. I had the tracking updates on my computer all day long. At about 7 pm I saw the UPS truck pause outside my building and then leave. The driver made no attempt to deliver the package. About 10 min. later the tracking information updated to 'delivered'. The driver apparently didn't want to climb my stairs so just bypassed me and took the package to the office which is several blocks down the road from me.

It was very cold outside. Fortunately me husband, who had come home early from his business trip, changed out of his pajamas and went to retrieve it for me, or I would be out of luck.

Being able to get myself up to the apartment is very different from driving down the road, loading a package into my car and then carrying it up the 3 flights of stairs in freezing weather and snow. That's why I have things delivered in the first place.

I have plenty of sympathy for delivery people in this cold weather. However, anyone who takes a job with UPS has to know it is going to be hard, physical work. That's what they are paid for.

To the driver who delivered the package last night - shame on you! The office has been informed not to accept packages for me anymore without confirming that I am actually not home. Next time he or she may have to make an extra trip back to my house when they find out they can't just dump my packages.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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try help@ups.com and let me know how it goes. i had a huge problem with the incompetent fuckwits in my local ups at newark nj but help@ups.com did truly help me