Yesterday I was waiting in a package that was gonna be delivered via UPS and i waited all day finally at 8:00 PM he shows up i see him coming down my drive and there's 2 houses on my drive but the other is abandoned and as he drove by i thought well he going out to the end of the drive to turn around then he will stop with my package but after turning around he stops at the abandoned house and i knew what he was doing he was leaving the package at the wrong house so i turned the porch light on and off and yelled. It was Raining fairly heavy but I know he saw me and after setting my package at the wrong place i waited and as he drove by i waved my arms and yelled and he rolls down his window looks at me slows down a little and as i walk to him he floors it and speeds off as to say F U I'm not going back out there to get ur package you can walk in the Pouring rain thew the mud to get ur soaked package the i left in the rain.

So i did i had to walk thew the pouring rain thew the mud and lighting to get my soaked package on the porch of the abandoned house.

What pissed me off the most was i know he saw me and all he had to do was back up and grab my package but he ignored me and just drove off. they need to teach there drivers courtesy.

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