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This is the worst shipping company! I DO NOT recommend this company if you are trying to ship a package or receive one.

The specific delivery man that delivers UPS packages to me ALWAYS complains, his attitude is disgusting and makes smart remarks like "*sigh* more shoes again" and "you must have a lot of money to be always purchasing things". It is YOUR job to deliver packages!! WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING! He purposely doesn't leave notices at my door when i'm not home.

How am I suppose to pick up a package when there is no delivery notice slip to give to the counter at a UPS pick up location?? Whenever I call customer service you can tell that the people working on the phones are not trained well, they always only reply with a "mhm" and it is very noticeable that they are reading a guide or something of that sort. I have never had problems with any other shipping company other than UPS.

Shipping overseas is also ridiculous, whenever I purchase something online JUST FROM UNITED STATES and UPS is the only carrier available they charge me $25 for shipping and not that that's enough since i'm purchasing something that costs $10 they want me to pay MINIMUM $40 for "extra fees". I hate this company and especially that delivery man.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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