I heard the driver back down my driveway with his truck, apx. 5pm I was in the garage waiting for the door bell to ring, then the next thing I heard truck pulling out!

Went to the front door there sat 2 DAMAGED beyond belief boxes. Common sense would of said keep on the truck and take it back to the warehouse to go back to the compant I ordered from, instead HE LEFT the PACKAGES and RAN, He knew there would be no way I would of accepted these pkgs. Called UPS filed a report to p/u the pkg's but to get a hold of the DRIVER not to do something like this and they said they could't track down the driver to do that. Now WE PAID FOR SHIPPING AND MERCHANDISE, TO RECEIVE DAMAGE MERCHANDISE!

Of course I have to re-order from Home Depot so now I get BILLED twice for the same stuff, then they have to inspect the pkg.

to credit what they deem creditable! So do you really think I'll be doing that any time soon!

Monetary Loss: $76.

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