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To whom it may concern My name is Teri Dawson I had a horrible thing happen today!! I have tried to call every number I could possibly find having anything to do with UPS to try and talk to someone.

I have been on hold for as long as an hour switched to many different people and still in the end have yet to talk to anyone that could help me!! Today my 75 pound dog was hit by a UPS truck!! The "new" driver come hauling butt down our little county road and before I could grab my dog he was gone.. not blaming the driver totally an accident or should I say I hope it was!!

The driver did not slow down after he hit him., that's why I sure hope it was an addicent.. the driver continued on down our county road to deliver his package and turn around because it's a dead end road . He was driving very slow this time so or should a say at a normal speed for this county road which also has livestock and horses that are free range!! He drove by slowly as I was sitting there with my dog laying on the ground ,and he every so nicely waved at me!!!

Now the problem I have is how do you hit someone's dog and drive back by them as they are trying to comfort their 4 legged family member and not stop and ask if there is anything they could do or at least say they were sorry? I had a very difficult time trying to pick my 75 pound 8 month old Rottweiler puppy/dog up and get him in the car. That is a very hard thing to do for any woman. Such a sad thing to know that it would have taken to much time to stop and say I'm sorry or ask if there was anything he could do!

And one more thing!! I'm calling it an accident because I'm sure that's what he would say it was / or he didn't see him . But funny how when he came back my way he was sure driving so very slow and waved!!

Thanks for your understanding and hopefully you took the time to read this!! Sincerely , Teri dawson

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just because your out in farmland --if theres a road nearby u need to control your pet(s)

Odessa, Texas, United States #1340027

Heartbreaking. I keep control of my pets & livestock to keep them out of harm's way. Tough lesson

to almightyoz Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States #1340040

I hate to hear of animals getting hurt because their owners don't have enough sense to secure them from danger. Gezz Teri, you are 99% to blame for this event.

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