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These guys do not know how a doorbell works.

My doorbell is loud enough to wake up the entire block, yet Mr. UPS guy keeps saying I must have been away or simply did not hear it. He also says that it might be broken, but really, it is not. He just does not know how to press a small button, that has the same name on it as the package he is supposedly delivering, in order to do his job.

I have received two notifications from UPS so far, both stating a date and time that I was at home and would have heard the doorbell had it been used.

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Syracuse, New York, United States #687823

Call their 800 number and file a complaint. Specially if it's the same driver.

I had to do that and now when we get a delivery, they HAVE to get my signature. If they fail to do that, then they get written up.

We've had stuff stolen off our porch cause they didn't want to listen to our note. So I made the call and so far, no problem..

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