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Three different packages over 7 years- always the same response- you did not use enough protection packaging- the latest package was shipped in the DELL FACTORY box. Still they denied the payment - and to make matters worse they said the box was destroyed so they just threw away??

I must be the village *** here- tried going up the ladder of administration - each said they would send paper work to file a claim - never received - they hope you will forget??? Let me see if i get this straight in my mind? You wont pay the claim ? and you wont give me the contents?

and - You wont pay the claim ? wow

should have read the internet complaints and not waisted my time

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #715126

In response to the person that said we never pack correctly? I understand what you are saying and agree..

We are an international shipper - usually 7 - 15 shipments per day. In 33 years only 3 boxes have have an insurance claim filed--- all were denied- Believe me when I say they were packed well- the one in question now - was in the approved manufacturers shipping box and then added an extra larger box with shipping noodles to ptotect- UPS said this was not packed well- they say box was destroyed and they could not return- so how am I to prove the evidence they are saying? still they wont pay the claim- UPS disgruntled employee?

Nope these people that deliver/ pickup here are on a first name basis.. They are just telling us what they have seen over these many years

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #715090

You people are cheap and don't know how to pack things. That is why claims are denied.

If you go to a UPS Store they ask to repack it to ensure it will arrive or your money back for a replacement item. It probably costs $5 to repack it in a new box, but you refuse. The original packaging is not properly packed. Factory packaging is to make it from the store to your car, and from your car to your house.

Not to be shipped along with millions of other packages. Ps, before I get a dozen replies saying "I am just a disgruntled UPS employee!" I am not a current, former, nor future UPS employee!

to Nick1346 Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #715130

Nick most of the time you are right- kindly read my addition in the actual blog - Know that by factory packaging I would mean the factory shipping container- example - a Dell computer shipped to you with molded styrofoam again what I posted

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #713890

I have had this account with them for 33 years last year we spent $4900 on freight with them . They just don't care

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #713878

Several of our family members have also had problems in the last few years. Regardless of the story they don't feel they are at fault. Recommend writing to the BBB, if you put it on a charge card you may be able to call them and reverse the charge. Good luck... and buyer beware.

How foolish and short sighted :upset of them to treat people like this, they are ruining their reputation!

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