Washington, District Of Columbia

My address clearly says "basement" but guess your divers dont want to read it or feel lazy to go around the town house to deliver the package in the basement apartment. This has happened every single time and once again i dont get the package and i need to travel outside the country and i needed the package.

To top it all - your customer service agent says - "he cannot speak for the delivery person" - huh...then should i speak to your CEO or even he wont be able to speak for your delivery person. I am SHOCKED that despite saying "basement" why can you delivery guys not read or understand what that means. Can you please help address this problem for future.

Am tired of calling up your customer support for every package and tell them the same instruction every single time - "please follow the address and delivery in the basement". I am tired and shocked - leave alone the loss.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Honestly there's nothing customer support can do with regards to your package. Once it is sent it really is no longer within their control.

And sorry to say this-cause i feel your pain-but you can't expect delivery men to do more than leave a package at an address. They rarely care beyond that point. You may have to either set up a P.O.

Box or stand at the doorway and wait for your package, or get used to your situation. It sucks but what can ya do?


How about this, champ, move out of your mom's basement, stop eating cheetos by the car load, start working for a living, stop playing video games and magic, and then your package deliveries can go to a real address, you know, one with clearly marked doors and such.

You neck bearded tool.

@Fear the beard

How about growing up? You have no idea why he has his packages delivered to the basement apartment, and it's none of your business.

Stop being insulting and judging situations that you are clueless about and jumping to conclusions. It makes you seem dumb3r than the poster.


I don't expect divers to deliver anything.