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I purchased a used night stand, to match my existing one, from Dallas Texas. The person I bought it from offered to package it and I told her no, just take it to a pack n mail to make sure it was done correctly.

They package it and sent it to me. When I received it the driver pointed out the box was badly damaged and advised to check it out. The top was completely broke in half along with other damage. This is Chestnut Oak which is an extremely strong wood.

I filed a claim with UPS. A representitive called and asked about the packaging, never coming out to look at it. I told her the entire night stand had 3 layers of bubble wrap over the entire thing. They then used styrofoam in the corners to support it from moving, and them they filled the entire cavity with foam peanuts.

They had the certified box labeled fragile all over it and listed this side up. In my opinion they could not have done a better job packing it for me. After waiting a week to hear from UPS I called them and they told me the claim was denied but could file an appeal. I filed an appeal and after waiting another week I called UPS again, again they told me my claim was denied.

They said the packaging was sufficant. How can they tell that when they never even looked at it. The box was either dropped off a truck or something very very heavy fell on it and it didn't match how it was packaged it would have been damage. By the way it cost me $172 to ship this and I am real mad since this night stand was a very high end furniture and is not has not been available for over 6 years.

Don't ship by UPS if you value the item your buying. There customer service people are absolutely the worst and rued people you will ever deal with.

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this sucks but, people these trucks are packed with all sorts of freight..100lb cartons on top of big screen tvs.. It is so crammed in some of the stuff gets crushed..I would never ever buy anything that could get crushed!! Good luck in claims but your out of cash..

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