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Update by user Sep 11, 2015

After my FIFTH contact with UPS, I got an e-mail saying this: "Our records indicate the reason for the delay in your package was due to it being left behind at one of our locations. Unfortunately, the package has not arrived to the final facility.

Therefore, it is still traveling in a locked container. Air packages are loaded and transported in air containers, and are not accessible during transit. Therefore, the personal at the facility will not be able to access to this package until..."

The key words here being, "it is still traveling in a locked container." Could someone please tell me why is took THIRTY-SIX hours for someone to explain to me WHY they couldn't get the package to me faster? Especially since I asked every single person I contacted at UPS WHY there was "no way" (as they all said) they could get the package to me before their rescheduled delivery date of the day AFTER I was supposed to get it.

I'm assuming this means the whole container was left behind. At least I HOPE that's the case and not that my single package was left behind and then someone randomly decided it was OK for it to wait another 24 hours for delivery. Of course, even if it was the whole container, it's still completely unacceptable, and customer service was BEYOND unacceptable in their lack of help explaining the situation.

UPS needs to get it together. But it doesn't matter to me anymore because I will never willingly use them again.

Original review posted by user Sep 10, 2015

I see I'm not the only one who is fed up with UPS "customer service." I work from home and get a LOT of packages shipped to me. Granted, most make it on time no matter which company they're shipped through. My problem is that when something goes wrong, as it did last night when UPS left my package at the KY sorting facility instead of getting it on the plane to TX like they were supposed to (it is a PRIORITY overnight package), UPS all around takes an attitude of "Oh well. Too bad. It'll be there at the expected delivery time TOMORROW." Excuse me?? What exactly does "PRIORITY" mean UPS? Do you know? And "Overnight" as well. Shall I ship you guys a dictionary? (I'll send it UPS and you can wait until *** freezes over for it to get to you.) Because NO ONE at UPS acts like they give a *** that their mistake adds 24 hours onto my delivery time. I asked a chat rep today if he's telling me there's only ONE plane from their KY facility into TX every day...because that sounds unlikely to me. And if there's more than one plane to TX every day, then MY PACKAGE SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUT ON THE VERY NEXT PLANE. But clearly it wasn't, because it's STILL in KY.

What really burns me up is the combination of their lazy attitude about their mistakes, being so casual about leaving a package at a facility instead as if it's no big deal, no need to hurry (hey, at least PRETEND you're hurrying to fix your mistake!!) combined with the lack of information given by CS. The first three people I contacted about this didn't tell me anything more than I was able to get all by myself on the website. Does UPS seriously think I'm going to e-mail, call (and request a supervisor on the call, only to be put on hold for 30 minutes!!!! At which point I of course hung up, which is I'm sure what they wanted all along), and contact chat if that's all the information I wanted?? Like I've got nothing better to do with my time!

Seriously, this infuriates me. Like another reviewer on here, I'm also sick of having screaming matches with the voice recognition program on their customer service phone line. So many times, if I wasn't already steaming mad when I first called, I sure was by the time I got that idiotic system to give me to a human being!

I've already made arrangements with Amazon to ship my packages from them SOLELY with FedEx (and Amazon CS was the exact opposite experience; very friendly, very accommodating, and concerned about delays in my shipments from them via UPS). I am henceforth demanding that of everyone I do business with as well as my own work clients. I get dozens of packages a week, so that's a lot of business heading FedEx's way. All because the people at UPS can't bother to even *pretend* to care about the urgency of shipments when, ironically, that's EXACTLY WHAT THEIR BUSINESS IS ALL ABOUT.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Nonchalance about urgency of delivery times paid for, Unhelpful customer service, No solutions to remedy their mistake, Seeming inefficiency of ups operations.

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