Edgewood, New Mexico
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My package was to be delivered Dec 3. Never showed up, but when I checked the tracking on UPS tracking, it was documented by the driver that he attempted to deliver at 8pm on Dec 3 and a person at my business refused the delivery.

UPS has now sent my package back to shipper! The interesting thing is I HAVE SURVIELLANCE CAMERAS AND NO UPS DELIVERY WAS EVER ATTEMPTED ! THE DRIVER LIED!!! Called UPS on 12/4 and spoke to rep that said it was a UPS error and that he corrected it and we would have delivery of the package today 12/5.

So, I check by calling UPS today 12/5 and they said they sent my package back to the shipper!!! UNBELIEVEABLE THAT THEY KEEP LYING !!!! So, here we are, going up the perverbial corporate customer service ladder of supervisors, all have Middle Eastern accents, and canned responses to this error. Sorry, we can't get your package back.

Well, does everyone else think that if UPS sent my package back to the shipper, they have it on another UPS truck or plane???? YES, THEY DO. They don't pay another company to ship back.

I will see this thru to the very bitter end to hold them accountable to be truthful and honest and to get their *** TOGETHER!!!! I will win this battle!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Ground Delivery Service.

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