Cantonment, Florida
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Been driving for UPS for 34 yrs. Love dogs but been bitten 10 times over the years.Been threaten call every name in the book.What is most troubling is how animal owners let there pet rule them and there emotions.A human being worth or a UPS driver are far from the love they have for there pets.Came close to losing my job several times either protecting myself from a dog that doesnt bite.Ive become numb to dog owners.I can say no dog has ever whip my ass.I love the challenge when they come at me game on.Its me and them Ive even taken on a pack of dog 4 at a time.Dont ever run got to kick hit with package or with diad handheld.I can say my cat and dog Ive adopted from my customers on my route and love them very much. I feed and water them everyday take them to the vet yearly.When comes down to it I love my kids my more than my anlmals

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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