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2nd may Ankara, TR leaves package (4 x A4 pages, birth certificate), 5th may Moscow, RU arrives package, note -> warehouse scan (WTF !!?!?) waiting 4 days, NOONE calls me... I start calling, Answer

1) The document is registered as "freight", YES Freight, Russian customs ask for PASSPORT, INVOICE, REGISTRATION ADDRESS, other millions of documents

2) My reply is that it is GOT *** DOCUMENT not a COMMERCIAL VALUE, for Private use only

I am said that TR UPS is *** (very lovely Russia UPS in that) , TR UPS says the sender is guilty, eventually 20 emails 20 calls NO RESULT!!!! They all said that sender signed some sort of an invoice, but that is not an invoice ! How the *** they expect us to know how to formalize to send a DOCUMENT ! No one in Russia UPS ever called me at all, although they had the phone, BAD service, Pissed off completely... I know UPS, you do not give *** at all to our packages, but I hope others will not follow this !

Does UPS expect us to make Custom Clearance work for a Document ? which has 0 $ commercial value and only private use? Do they need to be that arrogant ??? IS it that difficult to solve such *** issue?


We plan to go to court due to their behavior!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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