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Do not waste your time or money with a company that doesn't care about its customers. UPS has to be the most incompetent shipping company I have ever worked with. Over the course of 7 days, they made over half a dozen errors and continued to mislead me about the solutions.

On Saturday, 12/29, I went into UPS Store #3247 (Tucson, AZ) to send a package 'Next Day Air'. It was a Saturday afternoon and it was very crucial that the package arrived on Monday, 12/31. The recipient of this package was visiting her daughter in LA. She made the trip all the way from China and left early on Wednesday, 1/2. If the package did not arrive on time, she would not be able to receive it. The package was from my girlfriend and contained gifts for the recipient and her family back home. I made sure to go to a location that hadn't already had their 'Next Day Air' picked up for the day. I very legibly wrote down the shipping address and recipient's info and gave it to the clerk to avoid any possible misunderstandings. I paid $120 to send a package from Arizona to California and was guaranteed a delivery on Monday, 12/31. I assumed that would be the end of my part in this transaction. The following is the series of events that unfolded afterwards.

1. 15 minutes after leaving the UPS Store, I noticed on the shipping receipt that there was a typo in the shipping address, despite me legibly writing it down for the UPS Store clerk. I immediately called the UPS Store and notified the clerk of the error. She told me that she would update the address and that it will not affect the delivery date in any way.

2. 12/31 came and went and my package was never delivered. The 'UPS Tracking' showed it went out for delivery, but it was never delivered.

3. In the morning on Wednesday, 1/2, I spent several hours on the phone with different branches of UPS. Customer service basically told me there was little to nothing they could do, because this was a UPS Store problem and that I had to resolve this with the Store and the UPS Store Corporate. Since the recipient had already left for the airport to return home to China, I no longer wanted my package to be delivered. My package was still in UPS possession. Customer Service told me that they will put a 'Stop Delivery and Return To Sender' on my package and that I could track it with the same tracking number and pick it up at the UPS Store that I sent it form.

4. I called the UPS Store to request a refund due to my package no being delivered by the guaranteed date. I was told that it was not their fault and they would look into the situation. I wasn't satisfied with that, so I called UPS Store Corporate to file a complaint against the store and request a refund. After a few hours the store called me back and told me they would be issuing me a full refund, even though they did indeed call UPS to update the address, but UPS made an error and didn't properly update it. When I went into the store for a refund, they couldn't process the refund on my debit card (the exact one used for the purchase), so I waited for 10 minutes while they scrounged together $120 in small bills. This is minor, especially compared to everything else, but just seemed very unprofessional.

5. Later in the day on 1/2 my package was delivered. Again, this was well after (several hours) the 'Stop Delivery' was supposedly put on my package. The recipient's daughter was now in possession of my package.

6. On Friday, 1/4, I got back on the phone and spent nearly 3 more hours dealing with UPS Customer Service. I spoke with a couple of nice agents who couldn't do much to help, as well as a couple of completely rude customer service reps. About 90 minutes in, I was "disconnected" (hung-up on) and I was never called back, so I had to call back and start over. I found out that the rep I spoke with 2 days previously had never placed a 'Stop Delivery and Return To Sender' on my package, which is why it was incorrectly delivered.

7. I decided at this point that just returning my package to me was no longer an acceptable solution. I have now spent over 5 hours dealing with this and driving to and from the store, and I felt that the "Here's your stuff back, now go away" approach wasn't an acceptable solution. I'm aware that my shipping costs were refunded, but that was due to my package not arriving on time. Now, they have continued to make mistake after mistake, and it should be on them to make it right. I requested that my package be sent to the recipient, overseas, at no cost to me. Essentially, I wanted UPS to cover shipping costs to China for their continued incompetence (~$350). Really, I would have settled for a heavily discounted rate, and paid up to the original $120 that I was refunded for the 'Next Day Air'. I went through several channels and was eventually told that this request was impossible! I was told that there are too many forms and waivers that must be filled out and signed before something can be shipped internationally. I was told that once the package was returned to the original UPS Store, then I can try and get the store to cover the shipping costs. Again, I felt that they were just trying to pass the blame and push me off on to someone else, but I was exhausted from 3 hours of this, so I gave in. They told me that they would send a UPS truck to pick up the package on Monday, 1/7. The window was literally the entire day. The recipient's daughter, who was now in possession of the package, left the package exactly where it was dropped off, following UPS' instructions exactly.

8. Monday, 1/7 came and went and UPS did not pick up the package. It sat there all day. I found out on Tuesday, 1/8. At this point I was not surprised at the lies and lack of reliability on UPS. There is a complete lack of accountability as well. No one will accept blame, and no one will make it right.

9. On Friday, 1/11 I called UPS to file a complaint against several of the customer service representatives I spoke with. I am sure that it was mostly a waste of time (yet another hour), but at this point it's out of principal. Several hours later a manager called me regarding my complaint. She seemed to have about a quarter of the story. I had to explain the entire thing for what seemed like the 15th time. She apologized and said she would contact departments to properly train the reps on their mistakes. That was it.

UPS continued to make mistakes and refused to take accountability. They never offered any real solutions and never tried to make things right. All anyone did was pass the blame and give fake apologies. I feel lied to and manipulated. I still don't have my package in my possession. I had to have the recipient's daughter send it via USPS and pay out of pocket for it. So again, I say, do not waste your time or money with a company that doesn't care about its customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Next Day Air Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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