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Paid rush charges to have a part delivered by Friday, for something I needed to fix over the weekend. Friday came and the package was never delivered.

Driver wrote that the recipient placed a hold on the package. I guess he or she wanted to go home instead of delivering it. Called customer service. They told me that they were closed for the weekend and no way of contacting the driver, which I know is a lie.

Bottom line: I'm screwed.

If you need something delivered on time, do not use UPS. I will never use them again if I can help it.

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The item is manufacturerd in Taiwan, travels across the ocean via freighter. Moved from the freighter to a train that crosses the country.

Upon entry into your state, the package is sorted, shuttled, and resorted through hundreds of miles of conveyor belts. The package is loaded onto the driver's truck, then out for delivery. He receives instructions to bring the package back. It goes to the customer center which is closed on the weekend.

You chose to wait until a time convenient to you..... not the UPS business hours..... to ask the driver. Why the driver?

Is it because he's the only UPS person you see? Have you ever heard of shooting the messenger?

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