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You want to ship 10 dollars worth of stocking stuffers? use UPS.

but insure it for a million dollars..anything valuable, use FEDEX or even USPS..I am in the MErchant Marine and I had my licence shipped with UPS from a relevant department, customs intercepted it, and later returned it to UPS, they delivered the package empty, lost my license, and thats it. I lost my 90k a year job on the spot and cant find any not even think of UPS for anything important, they might do well in Russia and such where things get lost on a constant basis and that is UPS's specialty...

Monetary Loss: $90.

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I decided to use UPS Next Day Air for an important document from New York City to Boston. I dropped it off on Friday afternoon for Monday 10:30am delivery.

For whaterver reason, the package arrived in Phiadelphia on Saturday and was re-routed back to New York City on Monday.

After numerous phone calls (and run around), the final conclusion is that UPS does not know what happened, there is nothing it can do but to try to re-deliver it on Tuesday, and tough luck that I lost close to $700 because of the one day delay (assuming it will arrive on Tuesday). I WILL NEVER EVER USE UPS FOR IMPORTANT STUFF AGAIN !!!


Sounds like you work for Fedex. This is a made up story by a Fedex employee drumming up Christmas season shipping business.


UPS tells the same.My question is how come they send the package open and say it might have been dropped on the way. And **** customs.They saved the country from catastrophy by intercepting my package and ruining my job, unemployment rate was not high enough for the *****s.

I understand they do their job regarding counterfeit deocuments bombs etc, but once you clarify things send it intact with honor, its either UPS dropped it or Customs never gave it back, so whose fault is it here?

mine? Feel like I am in jail, every thing gets scrutinized before it reaches me..Let me put it this way, If I had to choose between misguided National Security carried out by a bunch of men with an IQ of 50 and my job in these hard times it is a no brainer...


You must understand that UPS has zero control over a government's customs officials and what they do, how long they take, etc.


"contents of the package getting searched by US customs is usual and permitted and that is not the issue."

if your package arrived empty after being opened and inspected by customs then I'd say thats precisely the issue.


Paul - contents of the package getting searched by US customs is usual and permitted and that is not the issue. Doing it timely is THE issue, as for UPS, getting my package back and sending it intact should be their priority.

I have no problems showing IDs and such, I just lost my job 2 days ago due to UPS sending the package home semi-open (still left like that from customs) and with my Merchant Marine license missing from the package, the reply I got was it could be dropped anywhere on a belt or a truck. I am severely effected by it as I couldnt lose a job at a worse time, as a direct cause of this since the company I worked for replaced me immediately (they have to-a ship cant sail without its officers), and in this economy I can wait a year or more to get another job, so go defend your company UPS on Yahoo Finance message boards, there are seriously effected people here, I didnt lose a daft little RC helicopter in that package, I lost a 90k a year a job.


Uncle Sam - They ask you to show ID because someone shipped explosives hidden in toner cartridges through UPS a few weeks ago. Is it really that big of a deal?

I mean, you have to show ID when you write a check lol.

Hate UPS - Whether you send something via Fedex or UPS or the Postal service, it all goes through the same customs agency. UPS doesn't open and inspect (and in your case, confiscate) the contents of packages.

Customs officials do. It has nothing to do with the carrier.


I have decided not to use UPS since they announced that they will "require" customers to show ID. Who do they think they are to require anything of us customers!

This is typical of giant companies.

They think they are giving us the privilege of doing business with them. They can take their "privilege" and shove it!

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