I have never had as bad of an experience as I have with UPS. I have never nor will I ever use them in my personal business.

I hate that companies use them as a delivery service and will not order from anyone who chooses to ship with them. They never make the "delivery attempts" that are indicated on their system. I have frequently failed to receive any "notices" and have made to make long treks out to warehouses to retrieve my packages. Just recently, I was made to wait 45+ minutes outside of a warehouse in Queens, NY while a lazy employee "looked" for my package.

When I called the main #, they told me that the system said I had already received my package. What?! When the guy finally did come, he said "it's your fault you weren't home." The arrogance! Then the same lazy employee said "use FedEx next time then." You can be assured I will.

Never use this company! It is the WORST!!

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I have had lie after lie and broken promises on several deliveries and would advise if you live in U.K certainly not to use UPS if you want to keep your customers you would think if a parcel failed next day it would be one of the first but not with UPS 5 days later and still they cannot be botherd in braintree essex region and lie and lie lie lie lei


UPS is the biggest POS I've ever seen in a shipping company... Weather delays, unrelated power outages causing packages to not be delivered!!!

Give me a break? I have to work in this stuff, USPS works in this stuff; Fed Ex works in this stuff, but UPS cant seem to get their stuff together... I guess their colors are a true representation of what the company is... *** BROWN!

Kim, when I pay for a service... the world *** well better revolve around me!


i like you kim. they make 3 attempts on each package. your lucky it just didnt get sent back to the shipper


They don't want you to use them either. You sound like a *** who thinks the world revolves around you.

Maybe you should make a better effort to be there to sign for your package. Loser

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