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I am so sick and tired of UPS not walking up the five flights of stairs to deliver my package and them just slipping a notice of sorry we missed you in my mailbox they are very lazy workers now I have to go to the Post Office and pick up my parcel like many times before with UPS if it wasn't for the company that I ordered from that uses UPS as their delivery carrier I would definitely not be using them they need to higher better employees I noticed the older people that work for UPS do things by the book but the younger ones don't cuz when I happened to get a package it's always an older person that's probably been what ups for quite a few years so they know better then to cut corners I know it sucks walking up 5 flights of stairs but I do it every day and they can do it too that's why they're getting paid to make deliveries I'm tired of getting sorry we missed you notices when I'm home all damn day

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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WE DONT DO STAIRS!!! 2 choices...YOU bring it up or YOU go to the store...