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Everytime the driver delivers my packages he asks who lives in my house which is none of his *** business and when I tell him this he takes my packages back to the center and I would have to call and have someone else deliver it for me.

The last time he delivered my package, after I signed for it he still wouldn't give it to me and we literally had a tug of war with my MY package!!

Now they have me on the restricted list because he told them I hit HIM! Mind you I'm 5'2 and he's atleast 6'3 but everytime they ask him what happened he doesn't say which should say a whole lot!

If a customer complains about one of your employees more than once there should be a serious investigation and now that I've brought it tocorporate's attention they're all concerned now when one of their workers had to audacity to tell me that he has the right to know who ALL lives in my house... What??!

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It is none of their business! But next time lie and say you have a big bruit of a man that lives there that has a big gun!!!!!

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