There's a percentage of the population that does not get USPS delivery. This is discrimination.

I pay the same as everyone else to mail and/or receive mail. UPS is in collusion w/ USPS in pretending to deliver (charging full price) even though those packages are not delivered. You order thinking UPS will deliver but no, they dump your package at some USPS office far from you home. Others get it delivered to their door.

That's discrimination. The system is broken and we'll all be better off if the discriminatory USPS goes under and takes their co-conspirator UPS with them.

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Where is up state NYC


I've actually had this happen and I live in Brooklyn! The company shipping thought I lived in a rural area!


I don't think there is a rural place in NYC except upstate! Don't know what the heck they were thinking!


fools.. that's called smartpost.

the shipper not ups , pays to have the pkg delivered to your local postal center for the mail carrier to deliver to your home. the shipper gets a discounted rate for that service, that also enables them to ship to po boxes.


I've seen this once before when mailing a package to an uncle who lives in a rural area. They're not going to send a UPS truck somewhere they don't usually cover for a single package.

At this point they transfer it to the local postal service and then you're under the local post office's rules. I do recall seeing some crazy fee when I tried to send the package to my uncle for direct delivery via UPS but I don't know if they still offer that now.

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