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My dad sent me $1200 for my rent and 2 pairs of shoes for my infant son which was overnighted to me and I got the package on Saturday morning. The driver left the package at the door and by the time my aunt had made it to the door the driver had already pulled off.

When I finally made it to my aunt's, I noticed how light my package was but really didn't think too much of it because of its contents( baby shoes and money). I opened my box only to find bubble wrap and an empty box. I'm so *** pissed right now that I could knock all 32 teeth out of that UPS driver's mouth. You're probably wondering how do I know he took it?

Well y would

you update the tracking as delivered and met woman at the door when you clearly left the package at the doorstep. Also i had poke holes around my box and tape had been tampered with. My dad filed a complaint and I'm waiting on the phone call on Tuesday. They said that they had to investigate the situation.

I was really depending on that money now I have to wait longer than expected. So *** up especially when I was going to use that money to pay rent. SMMFH!!! UPS needs to carefully screen thier drivers because this is some *** if I ever seen it.

I just hope that my funds get replaced. The sock shoes weren't expensive but $1200 though!!

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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Only a m0ron would send cash.

You're just a fraud trying to cheat a company out of money. Thinking you 'insured' your package you could send an empty box and claim something was stolen.

Too bad for you...Cash isn't insurable, and ups doesn't sell insurance. So your fraud fell flat.

Tough luck, you're out of your league scammer.


No offense...who sends cash anyway? I find it hard to believe.

First of all, if it were true, why didn't your father request signature required? Why would anyone put $1200 in a box and say it was okay to driver release? Something isn't right with your story. I work for UPS and was a driver.

Your driver doesn't have time to pilfer through your package. If he put met customer woman, it's because he probably hit the wrong button by accident. I'm sorry your aunt didn't get to the door in time.

We don't have all day to wait. We have other customers waiting for their packages just like you.


First of all if you don't have *** good to say just shut the *** up. I don't have to lie.

He sends me things all the time and we shouldn't have to request nothing. My package should get to me just the way he sent it. You shouldn't be going thru anybody *** point blank period. Y'all slow *** need to learn to properly deliver packages before a big lawsuit be on that ***!!!

Y the *** did my package have poke holes around it if he doesn't have time to go through packages.

I don't want to hear that bill *** because drivers steal packages all the time. Just face it you work for a *** up company now don't respond to my *** if you don't have anything good to say!!!!


UPS does not ship cash as per the terms and conditions.

You are out of luck on that one.


First of all it was in a box with shoes for my son!!


Why didn't he just send you a check, instead of cash. Do you honestly think, providing your complaint is true, that if one of the UPS employees broke into your package, and stole the money and baby shoes, that they would have left the package in such obviously poor condition?

That doesn't even make sense.

Why couldn't you pay your own rent----did you blow the budget on unnecessary things? I have a 48 year old daughter, that is always needing financial help, too, and it is a bunch of ***.


So you honestly think would lie about some *** like that. *** u 2!!


Don't worry about my financial situation you ***!! I didn't ask you for the money so don't *** worry about why I couldn't pay my rent. It doesn't matter what matters is my *** box was empty when I got it so why was it empty when my dad put my belongings in the box??