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I'm writing to you to discuss my extreme dissatisfaction with your shipping. I paid extra money to have an item sent via 2 day delivery.

My home has an enclosed porch with a door thats unlocked and it's about 15 feet away from the real house door. The UPS driver knocked on the porch door which you cannot hear from inside the house. left a notice saying "A: Your written authorization is required to leave package" with an arrow indicating to check the back of the notice. I flip the notice over and fill out the required information along with a note attached explaining how the door is my porch door and to please knock on the entrance to the home.

Today I leave the house to find another UPS notice. Unlike the first notice which said they could not leave the package because (option A) this one said they could not leave the package due to option B. and that tomorrow will be the final delivery attempt.

Well if they had told me that I'm required to sign for it in person in the first place I could have left a window open so that I could hear the knocks. Tomorrow I have work and I won't be home to sign for the package and I just moved to this neighborhood so I don't know any neighbors to leave the package with. I called your customer hotline to explain the situation (that first they said A, then said B and now I have no options other than to schedule another delivery date) and the service representative said it would cost extra to schedule another delivery date. Normally this would not be a problem if it were my fault, but seeing as the driver said A then changed it to B the next day I don't feel that the second delivery attempt was my fault. So I was forced to have the package held at the UPS location so that I can pick it up in person. This is a problem as I work 10-12 hour shifts and the pickup location is 8.2 miles from my home, 8 miles from my work and I don't have a vehicle.

I'm VERY dissatisfied with the "2 day" shipping. the package is a $5 hdmi cable and without it I can't use my TV. I spent more than the cost of the item for the shipping alone, and now I'm going to have to spend another $3 and hours of my time to take the bus and pick up the item. Not to mention I may have to take an hour or 2 off of work to pick up the item during your hours of operation. Convenient? Not at all. affordable? By no means. Annoying/aggravating/frustrating/making me not want to use your service again? Absolutely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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