Oxford, England
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Ups goes into a dorm at oxford and asks a total stranger to sign and pay a custom charge for the pkg. of course he denies to sign.dah.

Ups never asked for person whose name on pkg. thus he says pkg denied.. No notice left at front desk. Never attempts to deliver again (I have the tracking info)so pkg.

goes into abandon. And who gets the goods in the package? Is it sold? Surely Not returned to sender.

Is this a scam. Take the goods and place in abandon and then what? Sell the goods???? Lose the pkg and the fee to ship it and keep the goods.

Wow. Nice business

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Having dealt with this previously I can tell you with 90-95% certainty your goods are sitting at customs. That is what happens with packages like this.

UPS (can't) deliver the package, but they can't send it outside the country without paying customs/duty which they aren't going to do, so it sits at customs.

You might try contacts the local customs office. Sorry I can't be more help.