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Checked the tracking for my package (ordered through amazon.ca) on the UPS website on monday as it had not arrived at my house and the status claimed "Delivered"!!!!!! Sure did not receive it!!

So contacted amazon and was advised to wait till wednesday (as this apparently happens!? Although not sure why I'm shocked, I've never once had a good experience with UPS) So of course my package still hasn't arrived and now waiting on amazon to get my order to me.

Too bad online stores don't allow customers to choose their courier! Impossible to call UPS either to complain as they don't give a *** and have terrible customer service once you finally reach a person (which is next to impossible, as I've done that several times and have given up!)

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Happened to me with a different carrier. Turned out they delivered to the wrong address.

Best to call and open an issue/tick immediately. I did this, and while they were getting in contact with the driver, a day later the neighbor delivered the packed to me! That was nice of him.

Turned out that my address was incorrect on Google maps.

I corrected this on Google Maps by submitting an address location correction request. Which they corrected a few weeks later.

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