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Yeah I have a complaint for the customers of any delivery company. I work in this business and for starters you people have no business.

You order it and someone brings it to you. But of course you have no address on your house and neither do any of your *** neighbors. Just because you lazy, ungrateful people can't get pizza to your house dosen't mean you don't want a fire truck or ambulance to get there. So do UPS, FED EX, and DHL a favor and go to the store and get some numbers or have them shipped to you.

Shovel the snow off of your steps, Plow your drive-ways. And to the whiner about his guitar, most delivery companies give you a tracking number when you schedule a pick-up. Also you people with big dogs and fenced in yards- They don't pay me enough to go in your yard. If you are there all day get off your fat f**ckin a** and meet me outside.

Or start digging through there *** looking for your package. Of course you were there all day, that's why you answered when I knocked. You don't want poblems or human error, because we are people. GO GET IT YOURSELF.

I know its hard to believe that the delivery person who comes to your door isn't super human but we aren't. We get tired too. Sometimes I don't even get to use the bathroom in the 12 hour shift I work. You want it to get better- Take my advice and do some of the things I listed above.

Turn signals are nice too. They are located on the steering column in that thing you call a car. You want to remember that you are the one that ordered these things AND we do the best we can. I don't believe in the customer is always right, I believe that you are a person.

I treat you the way you treat me.

Remember when you were taught that in kindergarten??

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the Collector
Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #219101

Yeah, the customer is always wrong. No package has ever been lost; no delivery has ever been late.

Perhaps a job with the USPS might be appropriate.

DHL has bungled the last 3 packages sent to me using them. FedEx, UPS, etc all can read my house number & all can ring my door bell.

Beyond that, if FedEx or UPS makes an error, they generally move heaven and earth to make it right. DHL, in my experience, just hunkers down and gets defensive.

Kursk, Kursk, Russian Federation #14420

As an operator for a consumer shipping business that utilizes DHL, FE and UPS I have to put my 2 cents in. Most of the drivers are concious of the customers concerns.

I do have to agree with some of what Brianna has to say. Keeping walkways clear, your dogs out of the yard and your homes properly numbered is not too much to ask. Especially if you live in a rural area. Most people have gates and roads that are inexcessable.

So put a box outside your gates for packages expected for delivery. Especially if you live in areas with inclement weather. Such as winter. It is not up to the driver to continue to come back if you are not home.

Most of the shippers ground deliveries are made by contract laborers. They get paid per package. Which some can weigh s much as 100 lbs. They have to pay for their own gas, vehicle maintanence and get NO benefits from these companies.

It's a very rough and demanding job. SO give them a break.

Do your part to make things as easy as possible for them. Thank You.


Brianna it's just too bad that people order item and you are the one that delivers it. Have you ever consider leaving your high paying Delivery Engineering position for something a little more simple and less stressful to your limited thinking?

I understand that technolgy is available for locating a residence just about anywhere, except a few third world countries. You mentioned snow, so I am guessing you must delivery in Alaska or somewhere far south or perhaps far north, which explains why there are no numbers on the houses, since most igloo homes are only temporary, the numbers tend to fall off during the summer months. But company resources being so limited that you can not afford a cell phone to call for directions? Perhaps calling the customer who does take the time to enter their phone number down on the delivery slip is too much trouble when you are delivering via a snow sled, which explains why there are so many dogs in the nieghborhood.

Brianna it is actually ok for you to stop and use the bathroom when you need to, didn't your parents teach you that before they sent you to kindergarden? Holding it for a long time can cause bladder infections & other problems besides that.

Do you really think someone is going to take your advice about anything when you admit you do not go to the bathroom when you need to? :roll

It seems that no one has treated you wrong, but serriously if you feel that your job scope is to ring a door bell & you expect someone to come running out of their nice comfortable house to unload the truck for you, because that is what you are paid to do, then you are absolutely in the wrong business. But you wouldn't know that because you don't even know what to do when you have to go to the bathroom. :grin

to Xion #852146

Oh Xion, you don't understand this business so i suggest you shut you're pie hole before we shut it for you!

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