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Today is January 5, 2011 and I do not have my heater. It was order from Los Angles company to ship to Canada on November 10, 2010.

First shipment Fed Ex called me and told me the shipment was damaged and did not deliver to my door. Called supplier and they did a claims report and shipped out a second heater on Dec 7. Product delivered was shipped up side down when the box was clearly make which way up. Because the heater was bottom heavy over 100 pounds it crush the flues and venting.

Sent pictures to supplier and another claim was made. Sent another heater on December 23, 2010. The shipment did not make it to Canada before they contacted the supplier who was informed on Dec 31 that the shipment was too damage to deliver.

Totally frustrated because customer service is useless. Asked company to ship by UPS maybe I will get it this time.

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I think you meant to put this in the Fedex complaint section.

Either way, the company you ordered it from is obviously not packaging their merchandise properly. There is no such thing as "THIS SIDE UP" in shipping through any company. It's an automated system and no one's reading it most of the time.

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