December 2009

My mother passed away on December 14, 2009. While I was in town for her funeral, I decided I'd ship a set of 100 yr old glasses home so they wouldn't be damaged. In my grief, I guess I wasn't thinking straight, because now it seems a *** idea.

I took this wine set to a UPS pack and ship authorized dealer. They professionally packed the items and shipped them to my home (even stamped the box fragile). The box was damaged beyond belief.

It arrived at my UPS hub damaged, so it was not delivered to me, rather shipped back to where I shipped it from. Thank goodness my sister lives there and could pick it up. The box was damaged beyond belief and almost a pancake, no amount of bubble wrap would have protected this shipment.

I insured these glasses for 500.00, of course since they are over 100 yrs old, I did not have a receipt for them. My claim has been denied. Why do we pay extra for insurance? This is a racket for UPS to get more money. As far as I'm concerned, I will use FED-X or USPS. Think twice before you ship something UPS that might be fragile, also make sure you have a receipt for the items proving value.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Severnyy, Rostov, Russian Federation #98863

I work for UPS and if a package is packed by a UPS Store and you have a receipt stating that they packed the item the claim is usually paid. Also, claims are handled by a third party company- so it's not a racket.

Go to ups.com and send an email or write a letter to UPS Corporate- this will generate a corporate concern and you will have a very good chance of getting the claim paid. Sorry for the broken package.


You don't need a receipt for the broken items. You should try going onto replacements.

com. They will accept an online replacement estimate, it doesn't have to be an actual receipt. Of course, this only helps if the items were packed properly.

If it was a UPS Store that you went to, their packaging is guaranteed. A "UPS pack and ship authorized dealer" may not have those same guarantees.

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