Came home today and found our package destroyed by our dog. Yes it was our dog but the UPS man should have a brain.

Da if I put this package is on the porch where the dog can get it will be destroyed. If the UPS man has no brain activity then they have no business having a UPS job let alone driving a UPS truck. These guys get payed way too much for the *** job they do with the packages we own.

Yes we own them and not UPS! This is not the first time this has happenedSteve Mulligan

Monetary Loss: $21.

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ahaha you think the delivery man is ***? you spelled paid wrong. LOL

Mack, Ohio, United States #679896

Next time, (since the UPS driver is not an expert on what breeds of dogs will destroy things or since he didnt magically know your dog would destroy it) he wont deliver it, youll have to go to the center to pick it up, and then you can come right back here and complain about how the driver wouldnt leave your package and wouldnt reimburse your gas money going to get it. ***.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #677201

Not all dogs will destroy things. How was the UPS driver supposed to know that you haven't trained your dog to behave?

Actually this was just as much your fault as the UPS driver, because if your dog isn't well trained he should be kept where he cant get at things or people.

Are you aware that the dog could just as easily have bit the driver and then you would have a major problem?

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