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I originally sold a guitar to a person in Nashville. I packaged up the guitar like I always do and shipped it UPS and insured it.

The customer recieves the guitar and the box is damaged. It has a puncture hole on the top which something pierced the box and put a chip in my otherwise flawless guitar. The box is also scuffed and damaged. I contact UPS since I have the guitar insured.

They pick up the guitar from the customer in Nashville with the box but the customer did not have all the packing material I used. He had thrown it out so he packed it in the origianl box with his packing. Ups picks up the guitar the next day. Tells me it could be five days before I hear anything.

That's okay I wait. Two days later UPS calls me and says your claim is denied it was packaged poorly. So I argue with the girl on the phone from UPS telling her the box was perfect until UPS got a hold of it. Regardless she wouldn't hear it told it was denied and goodbye.

So now I have a damaged guitar, which wil cost hundreds to fix, UPS charged me to ship it back to my house and plus denied my claim....I am so pissed off. and this is hardly the end of it.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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