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We shipped cases of product to Canada via UPS on 11/23/10. The Driver gave us the tracking numbers, but did not have paperwork, he took the cases and said he would return with the paperwork but did not return. We were called and informed that only 4 cases arrived and 1 was damaged. We called our local UPS office in Tampa and tried a trace the Rep Chrystal Durocher would said here system could only find 1 tracking number as being picked up, but did not show a delivery. Afetr 4 weeks with no answer from Chrystal, we called trying to place a claim- ended up, after getting shunted thru 4 other people, to a person named Jaoquin who also confirmed that there was a recoed of a pick up for 1 tracking number, but no delivery. I told him that there was already 4 cases delivered and there was a damaged case, and that I was being honest and not claiming for the entire shipment. He said he would start an investigation. Today, 1/6/11- i received a call from a person at UPS named "Unique" who now said there was no recored whatsoever of any pick-up on any cases (the pick-up record must have majically disappeared). Unique also stated that since there was no paperwork, UPS would not honor any claim, but that we should call for an inspection of the damaged case that they returned so perhaps a claim could be filed on that. To sum up- UPS makes a delivery, returns a damaged case and claims there was never any pick-up so they won't have to pay a claim (oh yeah, and majically has disappearing records).

Hope this helps people choose who to use for package deliveries, for me it will no longer be UPS and every business contact that I know is getting a copy of this post.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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i order a package online an track the package ups said they delivered it. they said they dropped it on the porch.i was home the day they supposedly delivered the package and never seen any trace of my goods :(

I believe they had their package picked up by a driver and the driver has to supply paperwork showing that they picked the package up. That paperwork should contain a reiteration of the shipment you've ordered.

It's been awhile though, so I'm not positive how it works since I cannot remember.

The claims process with UPS is impossible. I've read review after review of the same story I encountered with them, including this one. They wait until you give up so they don't have to fix their negligent methods.

All I have to say is that UPS does not care AT ALL about your packages. They somehow dented a well-packaged stainless-steel muffler I sent, then ran my customer and me around until my customer gave up. Probably 75% of my experience with UPS has been simply awful.

All of my eBay listings explicitly state that I absolutely will not ship UPS as a direct result of my experience with them. I primarily use USPS since they have proven very reliable and excellent package handlers.


fed ex is no better!!!!!!!


yeah this is indecipherable. drivers dont give you tracking numbers or customs forms.

you process the shipment and generate a tracking number and customs paperwork yourself and keep a record. not sure what the helll your talking about and i dont think you do either.


Sorry but I'm not following this one.

"The Driver gave us the tracking numbers, but did not have paperwork, he took the cases and said he would return with the paperwork but did not return."

What paperwork?

The customs forms?

Why would the driver be giving them to you? It should be the other way around.

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