Champaign, Illinois

I am deeply disappointed by UPS services. It has been two years living in my apartment and I never experienced such difficulties with UPS until now.

After years delivering packages in such a small town as this, I assume the driver would know the gate code of my apartment. For the first time, it was understandable as I believed they employed new drivers who may not know the codes of the apartments around here. With that, I updated my UPS account for the gate code and left specific instructions to leave my packages at the front door if no one is present to sign the package. However, as of late, ALL of my packages are redelivered with the reason "customer not in on 1st attempt".

The trouble is I have a very tight schedule as a college student. I do not have a car and to reach the UPS Access Point would cost me more than 30 minutes by bus whereas it could be reached in 10 minutes by car.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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