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The European policy, called UPS Terms and Conditions of Carriage, REV. 01/11, states that "UPS may deliver a shipment to ... neighbours of the receiver".

I have three questions about this.

Is this a recent revision or a long time policy? I've had several packages shipped to me with UPS before and they never been left with a neighbor if I wasn't home. The process has always been three delivery attempts, then the package is left at the distribution center for me to pick up. So is this a new policy? Or how do they decide between three attempts, or delivery to a neighbor? Can it be that they attempted to delivery my package to my neighbors on previous deliveries to me too, but that my neighbors also happened to be away on previous deliveries the same times I was away? So this was the first time one of my neighbors was home, and I wasn't home, when they attempted delivery?

Secondly, UPS only gave me the first name and the first letter of the last name of the person that received the package. Does UPS have any obligations beyond this to help me receive my package? For example give me the full name of the receiver, tell me the apartment number and adress of the receiver, or contact the receiver and ask them to give me the package if they don't give me the package, or refund me if the receiver has opened the package or stolen parts of the delivery?

Lastly, are there any delivery options that rule out neighbor delivery? The only option I've identified is Adult Signature Required combined with sender instructions to not leave your shipment with a neighbor[http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/resources/service/infonotice.html]. Are there any other options?

I'm sad to say that I lost my package, including possible sensitive information on the receipt such as credit card number or passwords, to a neighbor. I filed a lost package claim with UPS, with the sender and with the payment service. In all cases the response is that they can't do anything since the UPS Terms and Conditions allow delivery to a neighbor. To me this means that I from now on have to get written confirmation from the sender beforehand that they will instruct UPS to not leave my package with a neighbor. Before I place the order in the online order form. Which means additional work.

Thank you for keeping your replies exceedingly parsimonious and to the point and without any fluff. Please cite sources for all stated facts, i.e. rules, regulations, code, policy or terms or conditions or other sources. Please keep the discussion to the European UPS policy only since their US terms and conditions is a different document.


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Call the police.

Your package was left with a neighbor, they have signed for the package(?), now the package is missing?

Seems like even Matlock could close this case in less than an hour.