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i sold a item to a gentleman in idaho ,we had trouble all weak try to get the money transferred.i went to ups to ship item,way to expencesive to ship.he asked about greyhound,so i traveled 21 miles to downtown columbus ohio.the lady was great ,weighed it and said close as it would get is falls idaho,idaho,for 88.75.thats 35 miles away from his house,then said i can have it delivered right to his door .i was in heaven even if it cost me 112.30 for a just released heart patient (not going to live long)to recieve his package to his door.yah it arrived on time to a flying j gas station,they called him to come pick it up because they cloced in 40 minutes-and they dont deliver packages-its a dropoff.think greyhound commited fraud,

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This is the UPS complaint section. You need the Greyhound complaint section, and a new brain.

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