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Ups came to my door i did not hear the door bell. So they a delivery notice.

First attempt and it said i would have to pick it up at crowfoot location. I got nothing but a run around. It is still on the truck. Well saw a ups truck go down a street near my house.

So why could they have not DELIVERED IT. I thought it was after attempts. I would not remand this company to any one I want my package as as possiable.To me they are being arogant.

This has spoiled my weekend. The lady i talked to on phone said it would take one two businees days why should have to wait Connie Stone

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Highland, New York, United States #625339

I agree with you Connie, You paid for it to be delivered, It should be delivered period!! when it happens to you dark shaft you probably wont be as understanding!

Vancouver, Washington, United States #621057

connie, if you communicated with ups as poorly as you have here, it's no wonder they weren't able to do anything for you. get a grip, sweetie.

if your package was on a car and they made one attempt during the day, they won't reattempt that day because they have 100 more customers to deliver to. and the car you saw near your house may not even have been the one with your packagen ups centers generally have more than one.

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