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I had a package that was too large for local UPS so she gave me a phone number to called for pick up by UPS. Driver couldn't get down my road because the rig was 2 big, so I drove it to his truck. (All of this is pouring rain). He loaded and I asked how much it was going to be. He said they would send a bill.

I got the bill. I had priced the shipping at an average of many sites that sold the goods so I wouldn't be too high or too low. Thus the price, instead of $70. was $586. (upon receiving a bill). I called and they said "did you get a shipping quote?" No, I did not. Had never heard of such a thing and had been through 3 customer service agents before it was shipped.

I mentioned that we get these shipped to us all of the time for $70. and I couldn't believe that there wasn't a mistake. The reply inferred that if I set up an account, I would get discounted rates. But, since I didn't have an account, they could only lower %60 to over $200. Still more than the value of the item.

So, I realize that UPS has various rates that they charge for any item and that they don't see the discrepancy between $70 and $583 as being a big deal. BE CAREFUL. Average consumers are being marked up tremendously!!!!

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Where were you getting the $70 estimate from? UPS Freight starts at a few hundred bucks.

Since it was too large for regular UPS, it shouldn't have been that surprising. You should have asked for a quote before scheduling the pickup.