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If there was another option that didn't involve my packages being delivered by UPS that would be A-OKAY for me. This is the third time I have had this issue with my delivery man.

I am an adult. I work during the day, and I am also a graduating student. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BE HOME PLAYING GUESSING GAMES AT WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO BE KNOCKING ON MY DOOR.

I live in an apartment, so evidently even if I had signed up for mychoice, and selected the option that allows the delivery man to leave it at my door- which I did- I still have to sign it. What are your little delivery notes for anyway?

You may as well leave a sticky note on my door that says: "SORRY WE MISSED YOU. WILL TRY AGAIN SOME TIME TOMORROW WHEN WE GET TO IT- UPS". I mean really, the first time this guy dropped off one of my packages he told me he would be here after 3 on the note and do you know when he came? At 9-o-clock in the freaking morning.

The rep on the phone told me they try to estimate but are you kidding me? That's /estimating/? I ended up calling UPS and telling them to hold my package at the nearest location and I'll come get it myself. The nearest location was West Carrollton which is 40 minutes from me-ridiculous.

I was told the guy would be here after 5 today. I'm lucky I was home because he came at 2:30. I mentioned it to the guy and he snidely replied: "Do you want me to come back?" Oh-ho you're real funny guys.

Real funny. I'm glad I don't need to order anything else online, because god forbid I have to call off work just to sign for another *** package.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Get yourselves together and realize that people work and cannot babysit their homes for you.

I didn't like: Driver lied about delivery attempt, Incorrect delivery times given.

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