My package was to be delivered on 11/19 "at the end of the day" ok, well i live in a gated condo development. So I worked at home that day to take delivery of the package which is a gift for my daughter. Because all delivery services are notorious for leaving your package on your doorstep where it can get stolen including USPS and UPS and FedEX. So there are so many issues that need to be addressed here.

1. They lie about delivery and attempts and cannot honor their contract with the consumer

2. They overbook their drivers to where they have to make a delivery about every 30 seconds, so the drivers HAVE to lie about what they are doing, attempted deliveries etc

3. After a complaint their CSR's constantly email you telling you how "sorry" they are, please send us more business, and spend your money with us, we promise we take complaints seriously blah blah but nothing seems to get resolved

The definition of a civilized country is that it is a place where contracts are honored. This is why many countries in places like the middle east are not civilized. Because they lie to your face and do not honor their word or their contracts. I see this more and more in America. If our leaders can lie to us every time their mouth opens, it sets an example for business, sports teams, individuals, educators, attorneys, and so on, that it is ok to lie and not honor your contracts and committments.

So unfortunately the UPS business model is broken probably because of mid managers trying to increase the bottom line for the stockholders anyway they can. Just screw anyone and run over anyone if you have to. Its a terrible disconcerting state of affairs. They need to be punished brutally...financially. That is the only way they will feel it. OR you can keep on taking their inferior selfish greedy incompetent service. Up to you. Good night and good luck...

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