Los Angeles, California
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Been over a week and package is not available for pickup nor delivery.

Delivery interception was created the day after shipping due to wrong zip code. Package continued to wrong zip code 3 days after the correction and even went out for delivery; only then an "address correction" was made 5 days after shipping. Delivery Interception was completely ignored through transit (arrival and depart scans at different locations).

When customer representative was called, they had to be made aware of the destination city; since they were only aware of the wrong address at initial viewing of the package status.

At one point; no one knew where my package was. One local office claimed to have it and asked me to come pick it up since i requested to be held for will call. Later, when called back they denied having the package at the location; then after much phone call with multiple customer rep, it turns out that it was 300 miles away from me.

I requested a rush on the package; clearly Delivery Interception FAILED. Got a call back the local office where the package has been last and they told me that they got a message of a RUSH however, they do not have the package. @.@

All this phone call last week and it's monday noon and it's not available for pickup or delivery.

Are you serious UPS???

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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So, YOU put on a wrong zip code, and expect UPS to stop a train or 18 wheelr in transit to go through EVERYTHING just to correct your incorrect zip code ?

When it gets to the building which corresponds to the zip you put on there, THEN it can be corrected and sorted to the proper destination.

Blaming UPS for YOUR mistake is wrong !