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My 13 yr old grandson has ALWAYS wanted to get a pkg from the UPS truck so, this last week when I bake banana bread (his favorite) I sent some to him with strict instructions that he was the only one to receive the pkg and he was to be the ONLY ONE to sign for it. NOT mom, NOT dad, NO ONE but him.

The clerk even put a note right on the shipping label but evidently the delivery person CAN NOT READ!!!! It was NOT delivered just to my grandson at their was taken to his dads place of employment where dad signed for it. THANK YOU UPS for screwing up a SPECIAL MOMENT!

I called customer service and complained and I was told I would be receiving a phone call within the hour from the UPS center that delivered it. I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE THE CALL!!

Some years ago I worked 4 yrs in a row for UPS thru the Christmas rush and thru orientation they HIGHLY stressed to follow delivery instructions because "you do NOT know what is in the package" and the delivey of a pkg like this would have been an automatic termination.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #302147

plus the fact that a thirteen year old cannot legally sign for it. technically a signature is a legal contract that a minor cannot enter into. the driver apparently knew that


It certainly would have been a cute and sweet moment but UPS Drivers are required to make MANY deliveries QUICKLY. What would you have wanted him to do if your grandson was at softball practice? Come back later?


Omfg, get over it! At least he got it!

How did it go to a different location other than your grandsons house? You must have provided that info genius

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