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UPS was supposed to deliver a new cell phone. They came Friday at noon.

We were at work, 12:30 pm Friday delivery, I called their customer service to re-route to local store, they stated that they could not delivery until three days later (Monday), that is incredivle since the distance from their warehouse in Cerritos, CA to local store in Downey, CA less than seven miles. I ask if they will not try to deliver next day Saturday?

They say no because they already have the schedule for Saturday deliveries n Friday! Why it is so difficult to scan some bars and add an smallpackage to the Saturday schedule?

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Dallas, Texas, United States #994806

Why you had it delivered to your house when you knew you would be home makes no sense.

Why did you not schedule it to be delivered the alternate address in the first place?

Saturday delivery is a premium service which has to be paid for.

Otherwise, deliveries are made during the regular workweek which is Mon-Fri.

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