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I live on Park Ave. here in Dothan Ala.

, and EACH and EVERY time local UPS drivers deliver a package here on Park Ave. ( like today at 1:30 ) they insist on honking. FIRST: This is a very busy street , and there is already a noise problem. There are 2 nurses , one is an ER nurse , and both work 3rd shift.

Not to mention 2 disabled ladies that are both in wheel chairs. Add to that , a 3 of seriously ill people including some elderly people But your guys insist that they honk when they deliver a package. They " try" to justify it by saying it alerts cars they are stopping. That is the most idiotic and insane reason I have ever heard.

What ever happened to COMMON COURTESY and COOMON RESPECT for our fellow human beings..... SECOND: USE the FLASHERS or turn indicators on the vehicle. That is what they are there for. THIRD: Pull off the street EACH and EVERY time there is a driveway , ESPECIALLY on busy streets like Park Ave.

here in Dothan Ala. I had a supervisor call me the last time I complained , and it was more him chewing me out for complaining than anything else. Someone suggested to me that , maybe the guy that called me had a problem with veterans. Of course , he defended the practice of honking.

Big shock there. The problem with Dothan is the true " Good Old Boy " mentality rules the day here. So it is pointless for me to complain to anyone locally. As I said , this is now the second time I had to ask that this practice be stopped , and UPS trucks start using their FLASHERS , and TURN INDICATORS.

It would be helpful if all your drivers locally read the Alabama Driver's Handbook. A driver safety course would be a big help as well , as long as it is conducted by the company itself ....and then by someone from say Birmingham or some place else.

PLEASE do not have ANYONE locally contact me , as I do not wish to be chewed out or lectured to a second time ! Thank You, B Chandler.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of ups vehicle driver. UPS needs to "stop having dothan area ups drivers honking , and use flashers , turn indicators , and just plain old pumping the brakes a few before stopping to deliver a package" according to poster's claims.

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