My computer was shipped November 30 from Microsoft and arrived in Mesquite, Tx Dec 4th. As of yet UPS cannot make delivery???

I have checked daily and it seems to be stuck in terminal. I have contacted their Help dept, live chat, and get the usual run around of it will be forcoming be patient, sorry for inconvienence. Typical of large company ***. where is Customer Service of these companies when you need?

Next time for sure I will request Mircrosoft and Dell to ship via Fedex!!!!

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Richardson, Texas, United States #756000

If a person paid extra for Saturday Delivery, then yes.

If it was just sent ground, then no, it would not be deoivered saturday.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #755996

Wrong-o walt.....our UPS delivers on Saturday....try again. you are correct...they arrived on the 6th to the terminal...notice on the seventh...delivery on the 9th...arrived today the 10th

Richardson, Texas, United States #755990

UPS is closed Sat and Sunday, so nothing would happen until Monday.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #755844

Have a pair of boots stuck in the Sioux Falls Terminal since the 7th.....they were supposed to be delivered monday the 9th.....I get this emailed to me on Saturday the 8th...."DUE TO LOCAL OPERATION DISRUPTION, PACKAGES NOT UNLOADED FROM TRAILER, EXPECT A ONE DAY BUSINESS DELAY" What calamity is going on in the terminal....seriously...that sounds more like a self made excuse.....just give it to me straight. You are overwhelmed with parcels and cant make it happen.......

to LTCC #755919
Saturday was the 7th. :) :grin

My package has been in the Mesquite facility since the 10th and as of Sunday morning there is still no status of when it may be delivered!!

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