Kansas City, Missouri
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I ordered some items through a company and I realized the process time for the order to be sent out would take a few weeks. The items were sent on 9/5/12 and was to be delivered "by end of day" 9/10/12.

Which isn't bad at all. Only a week. Well, I was checking tracking consistently and on 9/10 it was "out for delivery". I was happy that I was finally receiving my order after 4 weeks of waiting.

I came home at about 6:30pm and still no package. Checked the tracking and it said "delivery changed to Thursday 9/13/12" WTF! Why 3 additional days when its already in town and was already "out for delivery" that day?? Woke up this morning, checked to see if maybe it would say it was to be delivered today instead.

Nope. Tracking showed that it was in PENNSYLVANIA and currently in OHIO! What?! You have to be kidding me.

How the *** does that happen when it was already in the town it was to be delivered? I called UPS and spoke with a guy regarding the issue, assuming they would be able to see what happened and inform me. Of course not, all he said was, "Yea, you should have received that yesterday, but it looks like it took a bad route. Wish I could tell you more, but that's all I see".

Ya think...? I've had nothing but issues with UPS.

They are a horrible company and it seems customer service isn't much help either. I'll stick with FedEx or USPS at all costs!

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