So I was looking for a company to ship a few boxes from Beijing to Manila.Ive used other companies before and it generally takes 3-4 days door to door.

The UPS person qhoted me a figure then when they gopt it to warehouse they then requoted me a figure higher than the first by 20%. Never mind I needed it to go.

After 4 weeks Im folllowing up on the shipoment and they tell me they have no experience of dealing with Philippinies customs. I have to show them how to deal with this and have to basically arrange to get it cleared by myself... duh...

thats why I used them to do this but seems they are incapable.

Anyways it took them 7 weeks to make the door to door delivery. Now after 3 months they are agitating for payment.

I figure they made me wait so long for the delivery, they can wait a little while longer for the payment.NEVER AGAIN will I use these people.

Monetary Loss: $2000.


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